Re: Add a CListCtrl in my CFormView

"Tom Serface" <>
Mon, 1 May 2006 15:26:07 -0700
What I typically do for these sorts of things (and I know that not everyone
likes this approach) is create two controls on the form and just hide the
one you don't want at the time. You can pu the list control under your
static or vice versa and use ShowWindow(SW_HIDE) and ShowWindow(SW_SHOW) to
show or hide them. Then you don't have to do any fancy control morphing.

Also you can use ResizeableLib to do automatic resizing with views.


"Vincent RICHOMME" <> wrote in message


I have a CFormView in which I have put a CStatic in the resource form.
In my code I would like to replace the CStatic by a ClistCtrl so I am
trying this :

void CGeneralView::OnInitialUpdate()

// Get Rect of my CStatic
CRect rect; GetDlgItem(IDC_TOKEN_LIST)->GetClientRect(&rect);
BOOL bRet = m_TokenList.Create(dwStyle, CRect(0,0,0,0), this, 0x58658);

The problem is the ClistCtrl is not the right place. I suppose it's
because my form view is resized. So does it mean I cannot create my
control in OnInitialUpdate method ?
Or Maybe I need to catch the OnSize event and inform my control ???

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