Re: Movement in TextOut. Why?

"AliR \(VC++ MVP\)" <AliR@online.nospam>
Mon, 19 Feb 2007 19:42:29 GMT
I didn't catch any mistype. I was pointing out that you might have to
subtract what GetTextExtent gives you from the window rect to get it at the


"Trecius" <> wrote in message

Yes, it works correctly in MM_TEXT, but it does not work accurately in
MM_ANISOTROPIC, and I'm wondering as to why.

Also, yes, it should be GetTextExtent(...); I'm sorry for the mistype.
catch. :)

"AliR (VC++ MVP)" wrote:

Shouldn't this part be more like this?

 // Calculate the height extent of the string
 CSize ext;
 ext = dc.GetTextExtent(CString(_T("Hello"));

    CRect Rect;

    //put the text on the bottom right. = Rect.right -; = Rect.bottom -;
    //if because you are drawing the text vertically GetTextExt puts the
height in cx
    //then maybe like this = Rect.right -; = Rect.bottom -;

 // Output the text at the bottom
 dc.TextOut(,, CString(_T("Hello")));

At least this is how it would work in MM_TEXT.


"Trecius" <> wrote in message

Hello once again, Newsgroupians:

I've another question relating to drawing on a DC.

Joseph Newcomer has been very instrumental in assisting me; however, I
stuck once again.
I am trying to write some text at the bottom of the client area. I do
know the length of the string that I am going to write at the bottom,
so I
using GetTextExtent to determine the length of it and position it
accordingly. However, when someone drags and moves the window, the

I have the following code in my OnPaint handler for a CFormView.

void CRalView::OnPaint()
 CPaintDC dc(this);

 CRect rect;

 // Change the map to +x to the right and +y is up.
 // Change the origin to the bottom-left of the client
 dc.SetWindowExt(32767, 32767);
 dc.SetViewportExt(rect.right, -rect.bottom);
 dc.SetViewportOrg(0, rect.bottom);

 // Create a font at a 90 degree angle to the horizontal axis
 // Also, make the average width to be 1000 device points
 CFont vertFont;
 vertFont.CreateFont(1000, 0, 900, 900, ...);

 // Select the new font
 CFont *pOrigFont;
 pOrigFont = dc.SelectObject(&vertFont);

 // Calculate the height extent of the string
 CSize ext;
 ext = dc.GetTextExtent(CString(_T("Hello"));

 // Output the text at the bottom
 dc.TextOut(10000,, CString(_T("Hello")));

Now, why does the text move VERTICALLY when someone is resizing the

I know GetTextExtent() assumes the text to be horizontal, but the
points for the created font is 1000. Therefore, shouldn't
always return the same number if the string being passed to it is
always a
constant, for the extents of the window are not changing?

Thank you, Newgroupians, for your continued guidance and help.


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