Re: Windows forms application without Managed Code?

"AliR \(VC++ MVP\)" <AliR@online.nospam>
Wed, 28 Feb 2007 17:17:46 GMT
There is a resource editor that lets you design your dialog boxes (Forms).
If you don't see the resource view you can bring it up from the View menu.

If you are creating Doc/View application then you must make sure that your
view is derived from CFormView (this is done on the last page of the Create
Wizard). Otherwize they would be Dialog boxes (CDialog).

I suggest creating a couple of different applications using the wizard, and
maybe reading a book or two on MFC programming.


"wsmbill" <> wrote in message

Well, I have tons of forms and frames that I would imagine can't just
be imported from Borland - I'll have to create those all again, but
that's just time consuming - not difficult.

When I choose to do a New MFC Application, it automatically creates a
ton of files by default (like MainFrm.h and MainFrm.cpp, for example)
but I don't actually see the form design anywhere - just the header
and source files. How is the form design handled in an MFC project?


On Feb 28, 10:59 am, "AliR \(VC++ MVP\)" <A...@online.nospam> wrote:

If you want native (none managed code) then do New Project MFC
if you aren't using borlands OWL (in other words you are only using API
calls) then you can probably create a Win32 Project add your files to it
and for the most part compile it without much trouble.

Windows Forms Applications are for .NET programming.


"wsmbill" <> wrote in message

I'm very new to the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, as my company has
been using Borland for years and we're just looking into converting

I have recently been trying to port a rather extensive GUI from BCB to
Visual Studio and I'm running into innumerable problems related to the
managed objects. I'd like to get the hang of Microsoft's managed
classes eventually, but with this project it's just really slowing me

When I go to "New Project" and select "Windows Forms Application", it
automatically creates me a project with managed classes. I'm
wondering if there's a type of project or setting somewhere that I can
use to use forms with standard C++.

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