Re: Converting a dialog based app to - - - What?

"Tom Serface" <>
Thu, 29 Mar 2007 15:07:43 -0700
I typically make this kinds of applications SDI using a CFormView. The best
way to convert it would be to create a new project and copy relevant files
and code to the new project. The wizard does the best job of creating the
skeleton files. The Doc/View architecture shouldn't get in your way.


"Harvey" <> wrote in message

I am still stuck using VC6 on Win98.

I have created a MFC Dialog app, but I keep having the thought that it
should not have been dialog based. But it doesn't necessarily fit the
document view concept either.

My app has a single very simple window (no caption, no menubar, no
toolbar, no status bar, no controls). It is a "view" with only a
sizing border and a right-click popup menu. There is a separate non-
modal dialog "control panel".

What other options are applicable for me? What will I run into that is
not done for me, if I use "Win32 Application"? How much of what I
might expect to happen behind the scenes will not be there? Also what
if I use a the "MFC AppWizard" / "Single document" without the
"Document/View architecture support"? I also read about the "Utility
Project" and it seems that it does not actually produce anything, but
is only useful in making multiple projects build together correctly
(or something like that). Is that correct? Any other approach I should
look at?


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