Re: call MFC form in DLL

"David Ching" <>
Tue, 2 Oct 2007 10:02:27 -0700
"mpdavie" <> wrote in message

The parent is supposed to be a tabsheet in a Borland C++ builder
application. The form needs to be in the tabsheet, and function on
it's own. With some exported functions in the DLL the host application
can communicate with the DLL-form. I pass the HWND of the tabsheet I
want the form to be in.
if the HWND I pass is NULL, the form is child of the desktop i
suppose. perhaps I didn't explain it clearly in my first post.

Hmm, when you say "form" do you mean your class is derived from CFormView
and you show it modelessly? I'm not sure a modeless form can be a WS_CHILD
within another window. To eliminate the uncertainty of BC++, have you tried
using your DLL by an MFC .exe instead of the BC++?

It is regular DLL with MFC staticly linked.
- Because the host-application is not an MFC based application. It is
a Borland C++ Builder application. So I think I cannot use an MFC
extension DLL.
- Also because I am unsure what version of MFC is on the client PC, I
think I must staticly link the MFC with my DLL.
info source:

Statically linking MFC in this case is fine. I think Ajay was wondering
whether there was any interaction between the .exe which might have been
using a different instance of MFC than the DLL.

-- David

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