Re: CEdit

"Tom Serface" <>
Thu, 15 Nov 2007 22:27:30 -0800
I'd put it in the OnInitialUpdate() function. That's what it is for.
Sorry, I said OnInitDialog() before which, of course, it the dialog
counterpart not the one for the view.

I would never update a control from anywhere except the view code. You
could easily get the document for the view using the GetDocument() call in


"Al" <> wrote in message

I have a OnChooseView() function in the CMainFrame class. This is a
style application which changes the views on the right with this function.
Once a file is loaded I can select view-form and it replaces the view with
this form on the right.
Should I move this code to the OnInitalUpdate member function of the
CFormView class instead of the constructor? And considering that when I
replace this view with this form, I have code
context.m_pCurrentDoc = pDoc;
<end code>
does this somehow set the document class with this CFormView class? This
last question probably really shows how much I know.
Just Al

"Tom Serface" wrote:

It looks like you're trying to set the text in a window from the
Where are you doing this code. If you want to set controls initially you
should do it in OnInitDialog(). If you do call it from the view why not
just call GetDocument() rather than going through the stuff with


"Al" <> wrote in message

That did not work very good. Here is the code
   CPLMDoc* pDoc = ((CPLMApp*)AfxGetApp())->m_pDoc;
   CString s;
   s = pDoc->m_League.m_LeagueName;
<Debug Assertion Failed>
<end error>
I have tried to follow the code but in ends up to be in assembly
before the error occurs. Does someone see what I am doing wrong?
Just Al

"Al" wrote:

Lets see!
I have a CEdit control in a CFormView class. I add text to the control
press a submit button which initiates SetModifiedFlag() so it prompts
save. I save it to a file & close the application. I reopen the
and load the file back into the application. During the time that it
the file back into the application it sets m_FileLoaded in the
of a doc view structure to TRUE which is tested in the constructor of
CFormView class to see if the the controls should be loaded or not.
Anyway in
this sinerio, m_FileLoaded is true calling a function LoadControls in
CFormView class. Here is the code and my problem.
  CPLMDoc* pDoc = ((CPLMApp*)AfxGetApp())->m_pDoc;

  CString s;
s = pDoc->m_League.m_LeagueName;

Just Al

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