Re: Determine size of CFormView panes attached to CSplitterWnd?

"Tom Serface" <>
Thu, 3 Apr 2008 10:09:51 -0700
Ah, sorry, I missed that part. I remember having this problem in the past
when I wanted my default view for a splitter and formview to not have the
formview scroll. I ended up using the resizable lib code to have it resize
controls, but for the default size I wanted it to fit so I ended up just
changing the values until it ran as expected. Part of the problem is that
the dialog resources is in a different type of unit than the window that is
created so I couldn't figure out a good way to calculate it from the current
size of the resource. I'm sure there is a way, but I only had to do this
once and trial and error was easier.


"David Bilsby" <> wrote in message

Yes I can do that but as I said below if you then call GetClientRect() on
the CView/CFormView returned by the GetPane(), the size returned is the
size of the pane specified when you did the AddView() on the CSplitterWnd,
that is the view has taken on the size of the splitter pane and that is
what it is returning to you not the size it was defined as in its resource


Tom Serface wrote:

You can get a pointer to the view using something like:

CMyView *m_pMyView;

m_pMyView = (CMyView*)m_wndMySplitter.GetPane(0,0);

If you know the pane where the view was added.


"David Bilsby" <> wrote in message


I have tried this but I only get the size of the view after it is added
to the splitter pane.

The problem seems to be, or at least my problem which could be self
induced, is that I create a static splitter window (CSplitterWnd) and
then add the views. These views are added by a CRuntimeClass pointer,
hence there is no tangible CView at this stage to run the
GetClientRect() on. When you add the view you specify a size parameter
to AddView() which I do not know how to fill in, hence the original

To get around this I thought I could just come up with a size for the
create view and then adjust it later with the SetRowInfo(), etc calls.
So once I have added the view I can get the CWnd for the view with
GetPane() and this is then my tangible view created for the splitter.
However if I now lookup the size of this view it reports the splitter
pane size I set when I added the view rather than the original size if
the view.

Surely I am doing something obviously wrong here as this cannot be that
difficult! The problem as I see it is that I never create the view
instance in my code and hence cannot do the size lookup there. The view
create is hidden inside the splitter class AddView() call.



P.S. As far as I could tell you posted the reply to me to the newsgroup
not to my email, so I don't understand the thread comments after.

Ajay Kalra wrote:

On Apr 1, 12:20 pm, David Bilsby <> wrote:

        Sorry I probably was not clear enough.

        I want to be able to call the SetRowInfo/SetColumnInfo
members, however
I do not know what size the CFormView is. If I try and call
GetClientRect() it simply returns the size of the splitter pane which
may be bigger or smaller than the CFormView it contains. I just want
be able to find the size of the CFormView as set in the resource
template and then size my main window and the splitter panes

        Hope that makes more sense.



Jonathan Wood wrote:

I'm not certain I understand exactly. Can't you just call
SetRowInfo/SetColumnInfo and then RecalcLayout?
It's hard to say without seeing what you are describing but isn't the
scroll range determined by the CFormView? You just need to tell the
splitter window.

If you call GetClientRect on the view itself, you should get the right
size. Where are you calling this from?


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