Re: How to add buttons to CListCtrl on top of header?

"Jonathan Wood" <>
Wed, 29 Oct 2008 06:21:49 -0600
Adding a view inside another view would surely be harder than almost any
other solution.

It sounds like you have a CListView class already implemented that you are
trying to use. My guess is that you will need to modify that code if it
doesn't work and appear the way you need it to.

Jonathan Wood
SoftCircuits Programming

"srikadi" <> wrote in message
On Oct 29, 9:48 am, "Tom Serface" <> wrote:

I would do it by putting the list control in a dialog and just putting
buttons on top of it. You could also put one in a CFormView if you want it
in a view. Then you can put other controls anywhere you want.


"srikadi" <> wrote in message


How to add buttons to CListCtrl on top of header.- Hide quoted text -

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thanx for reply..already i have tried with CFormView,when i added
CListview to it,the list is adding to the database..but not showing to
the user.Is it possible to add one view inside other view?.

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