Re: Is it possible to add CView inside CFormView?

"Tom Serface" <>
Wed, 12 Nov 2008 08:46:13 -0800
I'm not sure what else to say. I'm not sure why you are adamant about
putting a view in a view when simply using the control and getting the exact
functionality is so much easily, but it's your program and you can do it any
way you'd like. I do have a question though. If you already have the code
what exactly are you asking for from this group?

If you already have some code with a CListView and just want to plug that
into a CFormView, I'd still suggest using a list control and just going
through the code you have and putting something like the following after
creating a control variable for the control in the form view:


in front of each of the calls that used to be called directly in the
CListView (like a InsertItem call). If you want to post a code snippet from
your ListView code I'd be happy to do a few of the conversions for you as an


"srikadi" <> wrote in message
On Nov 12, 10:25 am, "Tom Serface" <> wrote:

The only reason to use a list control over a list view is you get the
benefit of making it easy to put other controls on the dialog in the
CFormView. Otherwise they are the same thing (CListView is just an
encapsulated CListCtrl). Being able to put other controls (a tree control,
buttons, edit controls, etc.) on the dialog is often a really nice


"srikadi" <> wrote in message


why every one suggests me to use CListCtrl instead of CListView.if any
reason for this plz provide supported documents.

k..but i have already CListViews i want to use
plz suggest me with CListView.

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