Re: Why this strange behaviour regarding subclassing controls

"Bhargs" <>
25 May 2006 10:47:17 -0700
Code for
The listcontrol(CMyListSeriesCtrl) in the View has to communicate to
the list control ((CMyListSeriesResultsCtrl)inside the tab control
CMyListSeriesCtrl m_myListSeriesCtrl;
***********END OF CFormView.h***********

CFormView ::OnInitiaUpdate(){
 m_myListSeriesCtrl.SetTabToFill(tab1); //First List control of tab

**************END OF CFormView.cpp****************
************ CMyListSeriesCtrl .h *****************

#include "MyListSeriesResltsCtrl.h"
#include "IconsListCtrl.h"
#include "tab1.h"

class CMyListSeriesCtrl : public CListCtrl
    BOOL m_bIsRowSelected;
    int nSortedCol;
    BOOL bSortAscending;

    virtual ~CMyListSeriesCtrl();
    CMyListSeriesResltsCtrl *m_pmyListSeriesCtrl;
    CTab1 *my_tab1;

    void SetTabToFill(CTab1 *pCtrl ){
        my_tab1= pCtrl;

************ END OF CMyListSeriesCtrl .h *****************


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