Re: CListCtrl.GetNextSelectedItem doesnot seem to work.

"Ashot Geodakov" <>
Fri, 2 Mar 2007 16:41:52 -0700
pj wrote:

I am infact deleting the set of selected fields. Is this a problem?

Yes, it's a problem. Take a look at the (simplified) source code for

POSITION CListCtrl::GetFirstSelectedItemPosition() const
    return (POSITION)(DWORD_PTR)( 1 + GetNextItem ( -1, LVIS_SELECTED ) );

int CListCtrl::GetNextSelectedItem(POSITION& pos) const
    DWORD_PTR nOldPos = (DWORD_PTR)pos-1;
    pos = (POSITION)(DWORD_PTR)(1+GetNextItem( (UINT)nOldPos,
    return (UINT)nOldPos;

Now play the MSDN sample with the first 3 items in the list selected, and
trying to remoe each one item.

Initial state:
List: 0, 1 and 2 items selected.

Call to GetFirstSelectedItemPosition() returns 0;

First iteration
- GetNextSelectedItem(pos = 0) returns 0, pos set to 1.
- remove item 0.
- list has two selected items 0 and 1 ( old 1 became 0 and old 2 became 1
after removal of 0)

Second iteration
- GetNextSelectedItem( pos = 1 ) returns 1, pos set to 2
- remove item 1.
- List has one selected item 0.

Third iteration
- GetNextSelectedItem( pos = 2 ) returns -1, pos set to 0

End of loop, and you still have one item 0 in the list selected.

"pj" <> wrote in message

On Mar 2, 3:44 pm, "Ashot Geodakov" <>


If you remove all the code that you added to this sample (item
etc.), will it work as you describe it?

Is it possible that you process a selected item by removing it from the

Can you run just the raw MSDN sample without any additional code and tell
if it behaves as you said?

thank you

"pj" <> wrote in message


I am trying to use this code from msdn to get the list of selected
rows in the container of the CListCtrl (multi select mode). It works
fine if the user selects 2 rows. But for more that that, it doesnot
work. "pos" will point to NULL after two rows.

MSDN code:
POSITION pos = pList->GetFirstSelectedItemPosition();
if (pos == NULL)
  //TRACE0("No items were selected!\n");
  while (pos)
     int nItem = pList->GetNextSelectedItem(pos);
     //TRACE1("Item %d was selected!\n", nItem);
     // you could do your own processing on nItem here

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong here.

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I am infact deleting the set of selected fields. Is this a problem?


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