Re: Getting notification for dynamically added controls

Zapanaz <>
Tue, 12 Feb 2008 16:00:16 -0800
Thanks Scott and everybody else for the help. That was exactly what I
needed, but I don't seem to be doing this right ...

On Mon, 11 Feb 2008 21:49:12 -0500, "Scott McPhillips [MVP]"
<org-dot-mvps-at-scottmcp> wrote:

Every control has an ID. If you create it dynamically the ID is assigned
with your call to Create, in the last parameter. Make up some IDs for
dynamic creation and #define them in your resource.h file. Just pick a
range of numbers not used by the automatic numbering. Example:

#define ID_DYEDIT0 500
#define ID_DYEDIT1 501

I am trying to fix my earlier problems with my CListCtrl-derived class
first, if only because it's simpler.

In resource.h I added this:

#define ID_DBLISTCTRL_LAST 20999

In my case, the user could open any number of new DbListCtrl's (a
CListCtrl-derived class). I don't -think- the way I did this should
cause a problem, see later.

I create the new DbListCtrl like this:

myDbList = new DbListCtrl();

UINT nextId = parentApp->GetNextDbListCtrlId();

/*This generates a new ID, starting at 20000 and working it's way up.
Because there can be an arbitrary number of them open, I didn't really
see any way around keeping track of IDs externally. It does work
though, when I create a new one this returns 20000 for the first

myDbList->myId = nextId;
/*This is just for future reference, so when the on_command_range()
function gets called, I can check if it's the right ID*/

initialRect, this, nextId);

/*So at this point, myDbList has an ID of 20000, if I haven't done
something wrong here.*/

Is there a general way to handle this? Is there a way to create
message map entries that don't require IDs? Or if not, is there a
workable general way of generating IDs? And in the latter case, how
do I put them in the message map?

Type in ON_CONTROL_RANGE in the message map. Give it the range of possible
IDs, such as:


I changed the message map for DbListCtrl to this:

    ON_CONTROL_RANGE(NM_CLICK, 20000, 20010, OnClickAny)

Originally I had


I have the hard-coded 20000 - 20010 range in there for testing just to
be sure that isn't somehow the source of the problem

The handler function will be called if any of edit controls produces the
EN_CHANGE notification, and is passed the ID of the control that did it:

void Cxx::OnDyEditChange( UINT nID )


Then I added a function

void DbListCtrl::OnClickAny(UINT sourceId)
    int test = sourceId;

int test was just something for me to put a break point on, so I could
see if this was working.

But when I open a new DbListCtrl, and click on a row (this is a
report-view style CListCtrl), it doesn't enter OnClickAny.

The only things I can think are:

 - NM_CLICK might require a different ON...RANGE macro than EN_CHANGE?
 - I have done something wrong I don't see here

Do I need to make an entry in the header file in either

// ClassWizard generated virtual function overrides




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