Re: serial reader ui-thread solution?

mfc <>
Sat, 8 Jan 2011 04:12:48 -0800 (PST)
On 7 Jan., 22:18, Joseph M. Newcomer <> wrote:

Have you fixed the problem where you opened the serial port as a synchron=

ous handle?

Yes I fixed the problem... forgot to open the com port with the
overlapped flag :-(

According to this problem: I`ll try to install the reader-thread as
workerthread and this workerthread will send all pkts to the visible
window (I`ve installed for the document-class) and the document class
have a member variable of the comport class (doing the reader-thread
initialization and so on) which will tell these data pkts where they
have to go (to threadA or threadB by a PostThreadMessage()). With this
solution the reader-thread can work as long as no error or shutdown
event occurred.

Until this loop terminates, your message pump is dead. You cannot rece=

ive or process any

messages coming into the UI thread. There are very complex ways to add=

ress this problem,

but the simplest one is to move this to a worker thread and let it (as yo=

u have shown

above) PostThreadMessage to your UI thread. So this loop itself cannot=

 be in the UI

thread, but if you want a UI thread to act as some kind of multiplexor/de=


that's your call

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The express editions cannot use MFC?

Yes. I believe the MFC components only come with the paid versions.

Does that mean I will not be
able to get my Visual C++ NET 2003 macro recorder project to work
with the express edition?

From what you mentioned about your project, I don't think you'd gain
much benefit from moving it to a newer toolset. If you had plans to
make use of newer C++ standards facilities, then such a move may be
worthwhile, but if you're happy with what you have, why change?


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Subject: Checkboxes not working with CListCtrl tile view
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I need to create a tile view using CListCtrl with checkbox for each
item. I got two issues:

1) The checkboxes are not reponsive (if I don't use tile view,
everything is fine);
2) The whole item got selected / focus when I check the checkbox (I
want it work just like the regular checkboxes --- the item itself not
highlighted / focused).

The following is my source code:

  DWORD exStyle = m_listCtrl.GetExtendedStyle();
  m_ listCtrl.SetExtendedStyle(exStyle | LVS_EX_CHECKBOXES |

  // Title info
  tvi.cbSize = sizeof(tvi);
  tvi.dwMask = LVTVIM_COLUMNS;
  tvi.cLines = 0;
  m_ listCtrl.SetTileViewInfo(&tvi);

  m_ listCtrl.DeleteAllItems();
  int item = 0;

  // Inset list items
  String capName;
  bool bEnabled = false;
  int count = 0;

  HashPosition pos = m_capsHash.GetStartPosition();
  while (!pos.IsNil())
    m_capsHash.GetNextAssoc(pos, capName, bEnabled);

    count = m_ listCtrl.GetItemCount();
    item = m_ listCtrl.InsertItem(count, capName);
    ListView_SetCheckState(m_ listCtrl.m_hWnd, item, bEnabled);

m_ listCtrl.SetView(LV_VIEW_TILE);

Any idea? Thanks in advance=85


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