Re: How to add items to CListViews?

vakiti <>
Thu, 27 Nov 2008 02:38:13 -0800 (PST)
On Nov 27, 1:53 pm, Joseph M. Newcomer <> wrote:

OnCHildNotify sounds strange. Show the relevant lines of your message =




On Wed, 26 Nov 2008 23:49:30 -0800 (PST), vakiti <> w=


On Nov 26, 7:48 pm, Ajay Kalra <> wrote:

i can't use listctrl inside formview because of my requirement.

What requirement is that.

.i have
already working with Clistviews which is working fine

That may be true but that has absolutely no impact on using a listview
in a formview. It doesnt make sense. Its not hard to use a CListCtrl
instead. You are going to be wasting time and effort if you try a
listview in a formview.



i have tried with Clistctrl inside formview with LVS_OWNERDATA my listview its firing LVN_GETDISPINFO notification message
in OnChildNotify() to fetch data from large database and to display
data in listview.
in Clistctrl case where i need to implement to get data from
database.i wrote it under onchildnotify() but its not working..
plz don't suggest why u r using LVS_OWNERDATA style...i have to use..
plz help me..


Joseph M. Newcomer [MVP]
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I will show the ListView changes which i have already...
virtual BOOL OnChildNotify(UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam,
LRESULT* pLResult);
void GetDispInfo(LVITEM* pItem);

In OnChildNotify()
                if(message == WM_NOTIFY)
        NMHDR* phdr = (NMHDR*)lParam;

        // these 3 notifications are only sent by virtual listviews

        case LVN_GETDISPINFO:
                NMLVDISPINFO* pLvdi;

                pLvdi = (NMLVDISPINFO*)lParam;

            if(pResult != NULL)
                *pResult = 0;
                           return CListView::OnChildNotify(message,
wParam, lParam, pResult);
In GetDispInfo() i was reading data from database..if i take ListView
in FormView always goes to default case..


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