Re: CListView icons in *reverse* order with XP commctrl 6???

"Tom Serface" <>
Wed, 6 Sep 2006 08:58:01 -0700
Are you, by any chance, inserting them each with item 0 and doing it in icon
order. That would essentially push the rest down like a top heavy stack.


"bhu Boue vidya" <> wrote in message

hi there

i have a CListView derived window in my app, which i have set to Icon
Mode, and i sort my items alphabetically

now it all works fine, except when i include the manifest for using the
XP commctrl6 lib, this listview displays the icons in *revrese*
alphabetical order, and, now this is the crazy bit, they are displayed
from the bottom up!!!! ie, if without the manifest they are displayed

iconA iconB iconC
iconD iconE iconF

then they are displayed with the manifest as:

iconD iconE iconF
iconA iconB iconC

*and*, they are placed from the *bottom* of the view window upwards,
which means there is space at the top of the view window if the number
of icons is small!

what the heck is going on??????

i am using LVS_ALIGNTOP


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