Re: VC/MFC world status request

David Wilkinson <>
Sun, 12 Aug 2007 13:24:39 -0400
David Ching wrote:

The C# FAQ lists 3 products used to "statically link" .NET, and there are
reports they do a great job. I'm happy they exist because it gives me a
backup in case deploying the .NET redistributable proves unworkable (as has
been some reports that it takes way too long to install on some systems).

Hi David:

I didn't know about this. But presumably this does not get rid of the
requirement to dynamically link to MFC/CRT in a mixed MFC/.NET application?

I ask this because I have been playing around with CWinFormsView the
last few days. One thing you can so with it is embed the .NET
DataGridView in an MFC application, like a souped-up CListView. The lack
of an MFC grid class was one of MFC's its great weaknesses, I always
thought (I tried the MSFlexGrid a long time ago, but didn't like it, and
ended up writing my own grid control).

This use of the DataGridView is really pretty neat, but I cannot imagine
that I would actually deploy it. Replacing my slim static-linked
application with one that required distributing both the MFC/CRT DLL's
and the .NET framework just does not appeal to me.

Has anybody actually used CWinFormsView (or its friends CWinFormsControl
and CWinFormsDialog) in a real application?

David Wilkinson
Visual C++ MVP

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