Re: CPropertySheet::OnInitDialog() - runtime error mfc80.dll on Windows 98 SE

"Ajay Kalra" <>
11 Apr 2007 06:47:24 -0700
On Apr 11, 9:02 am, wrote:

I have a problem with function CPropertySheet::OnInitDialog() after
migration from VC6 to Visual Studio 2005.
This is an error message: "program has performed an illegal operation
and will be shut down".
This runtime error occurs only on Windows 98 SE while
CPropertySheet::OnInitDialog() is executing.
my code:

BOOL CUstawieniaSzablonowSheet::OnInitDialog()
        if (m_rodzaj_wywolania == 3)
                m_psh.dwFlags |= PSH_NOAPPLYNOW;

                m_psh.dwFlags &= ~PSH_HASHELP;
                m_dialog_czynnosci.m_psp.dwFlags &= ~PSP_HASHELP;

        BOOL bResult = CPropertySheet::OnInitDialog();
        return bResult;


I will be glad if You could help me or give suggestion
Piotr Klamka

Call the base class first and then also check the return values of
GetDlgItem before calling SetWindowText on it.


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