Re: Calling OnWizardNext() manually

"Check Abdoul" <check abdoul at mvps dot org>
Wed, 9 May 2007 02:22:49 -0500
Use sheet's PressButton() function. Also note that if the Next button is
disabled, then PressButton just returns ( which is the correct behaviour
ofcourse). If you really want to goto the Next page, then you might want to
enable the Next button as follows.

        CPropertySheet* pSheet = (CPropertySheet *) GetParent();
        if ( pSheet )
            // Enable Next button before calling pressbutton, if required.
            CWnd* pWnd = pSheet->GetDlgItem(ID_WIZNEXT);
            if ( pWnd )


Check Abdoul

<> wrote in message

I have a CPropertyPage active. Is there a way to call the
OnWizardNext() eventhandler "manually" (i.e. fake a user pressing the
Next button) from the OnInitDialog() of the active CPropertyPage so
that it will go to the next page as soon as the 1st page loads? Thanks
in advance.

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