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Thu, 9 Oct 2008 12:27:01 -0700
Hey Bogdan,
Thanks for the info. I have a question about this though.

I implemented this and it worked. However, it appears that I can only access
methods and variables from the base class. I cannot get to the public CFile*
in my derived "CTestDlg" class.


"Bogdan" wrote:

Simply recurse until you get the parent you want.

Example (might not necessary work for you):
CWnd* pwndParent = GetParent();

while (pwndParent->GetStyle() & WS_CHILD) {

    pwndParent = pwndParent->GetParent();



"Jimbo_Jimbob_Jiminator" <>
wrote in message

My application is dialog-based.
The App creates a dialog. The dialog creates a property sheet. The
sheet creates 4 property pages.
The dialog opens a file. I want the property pages to be able to write to
the file. How can I get access back to that file pointer? I found
m_pParentWnd in the Property Page. But, I can't go back like this
m_pParentWnd->m_pParentWnd to get two levels back.

I thought about passing the pointer to the CFile in via the contructors of
the dialog, then to the sheet, then to the pages but I am not sure how to
that either.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

// --- FILE: Test.h
class CMFCTestApp : public CWinApp

// --- FILE: Test.cpp
CMFCTestApp theApp;
CMotmanDlg dlgTest;
m_MainWnd = &dlgTest;
nResponse = dlgTest.DoModal;

// --- FILE: TestDlg.h
class CMFCTestDlg : public CDialog
CFile* pDataFile;

// --- FILE: TestDlg.cpp
m_pPSheetTest = new CPSheetTest(m_sWinTitle, (CWnd*)this, 0);
... open("datafile.dat"); // Open the data file at the dialog level

WARNING! EX_CONTROLPARENT MUST be here for tabbed pages to work
See WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT.txt file in project directory for more
m_pPSheetTest->Create(this, dwStyle, WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT);


// --- FILE: PSheetTest.h
class CPSheetTest : public CPropertySheet

// --- FILE: PSheetTest.cpp

// --- FILE: PPageTest1.cpp
// --- FILE: PPageTest2.cpp
// --- FILE: PPageTest3.cpp
// --- FILE: PPageTest4.cpp

... Want to access the datafile.dat from all of these pages


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