Re: DDX/DDV and DoDataExchange for PropertySheets

Goran <>
Mon, 23 Nov 2009 02:44:07 -0800 (PST)
On Nov 23, 9:40 am, Luigino <> wrote:

Hello everyone!!!!

I have a nested propertysheets (on some propertypages I have another
propertysheet with pages itself). I have also a XML file of general
settings that I read in OnInitDialog()'s form event.
Some pages of this nested propertysheets have settings that depends
from other pages and of general settings from xml file. Like if I
activate a checkbox in a page I change in the xml file the related
value from 0 to 1 and in the same time I enable the controls in
another page.
I know there's a way to communicate between propertypages from the top
(the dialog form) so it can share also xml file object maybe using
DoDataExchange. But how I can do that?... I tried to read the help of
MSDN but it's like messing me a bit so I'm here asking you...

Looks like you want to change an UI element in one page when state of
your UI changes in another (XML text behind or not, does not matter).
Simplest possible way is to just use a common parent, e.g.:

(I presume that Sheet has Page1 and Page2).

class Sheet: public CPropertySheet
  Page1 m_Page1;
  Page2 m_Page2;

  STATIC_DOWNCAST(Sheet, GetParent())->m_Page2.StateOfDataItemXChanged

Page2::StateOfDataItemXChanged(bool bValue)
  if (m_hWnd)
  { // m_Page2 was created, too!
  { // m_Page2 wasn't created yet (e.g. user didn't click on it yet)
    m_bEnableSomeWindowAtPropertyPageCreationTime = bValue;

If you have this situation for many data items, or if you don't have a
simple parent sheet-child pages situation, this gets complicated
rather quickly, so then you might want to resort to some elaborated
update mechanics. You would have do that if your underlying data can
change without the knowledge of UI elements you have listed here. But
that seems to be another question.


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