Re: PropertyPage Buttons

Jd <>
Mon, 26 Apr 2010 22:55:57 -0700 (PDT)
On Apr 27, 6:29 am, "JCO" <> wrote:

Actually nothing I do seems to make a difference. I tried you comments
below but I get the same results. I also looked at the link which appe=


to be the exact code that I have written for each of my three CPage's.

Now it bothers me. Its not that I want to get rid of Cancel & Help but=


I simply want to understand why my applications shows 4-buttons (most of =


time). Page three does hide the Back Button

"DanB" <> wrote in message


JCO wrote:

I have a 3-page PropertyPage using CPropertySheet & CPropertyPage (as
My buttons are not what I expected. The code below is what I have on
page2 (which is derived form CPropertyPage). I have commented out code
just for referenced.

This gives me 4-buttons: Back, Next, Cancel, Help. From the code below=


I should only get the Back & Next button.

BOOL CPage2::OnSetActive()
CPropertySheet* parent = (CPropertySheet*)GetParent();
parent->SetWizardButtons(PSWIZB_BACK | PSWIZB_NEXT);


These flags only enable, disable, and change the button text. You would
use the styles to show/hide the other buttons.

m_psh.dwFlags|= PSH_NOAPPLYNOW;
m_psh.dwFlags&= ~PSH_HASHELP;

As far as the cancel button, not sure why you want to hide that. How wo=


your client say, 'I don't want to be here' if he/she didn't know about

Best, Dan.

The buttons you were referring to do not belong to CPropertyPage, but
to the CPropertySheet.
That is the reason why you see these buttons even if your pages do not
have any.
SetWizardButtons helps you disable/enable these Propertysheet buttons.
PropertySheet wizard works this way by default.
Now to change this behavior you need to tweak a little.
Derive your own PropertySheet class from CPropertySheet, lets call it
Override the OninitDialog.
BOOL CMyPropSheet::OnInitDialog()
    BOOL bResult = CPropertySheet::OnInitDialog();

    CWnd *pButton;
    pButton = GetDlgItem(IDHELP);

        // Now you can hide any button with the following ids
    //ID_APPLY_NOW Apply
    //ID_WIZBACK Back
    //ID_WIZNEXT Next
    //ID_WIZFINISH Finish

    return bResult;

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