Re: Tab controls

"Alex Blekhman" <>
Sun, 28 May 2006 22:05:24 +0300
Frank Natoli wrote:

How does one implement a tab control in a Visual Studio
MFC application? In the old Win32 GUI days, when dialogs
might be dynamically constructed by the application,
PropertyPage API functions were used.

Property Sheets control is available and you can use it as
before. MFC has CPropertySheet and CPropertyPage classes to
manipulate Property Sheets control.

"Property Sheets"

I see Visual Studio
[2005] dialog editor has a tab control object, which can
be placed on a dialog box, but it appears impossible to
manipulate the individual tab pages from the dialog
editor. I am going to guess that separate dialogs must be
created, which are then [somehow] attached to each tab
page, perhaps when the application detects a particular
tab page has been selected, and then performs a
dlg.DoModal for the appropriate dialog on the appropriate
tab page. Is this correct?

Yes, this is correct. Tab control is just set of stupid
tabs. You need to manage everything by yourself. Usually,
you prepare child dialog boxes, then when tab is shown, you
just show appropriate child dialog box and hide previous
one. You will need parent dialog which will conatain both
Tab control and child dialog(s). Only one child dialog is
visible at the time, so it gives an impression that tab

Is there any doc or tutorial
that addresses this process?

There are plenty of resources for MFC Tabs/Propery Sheets.

"PROPDLG Sample: Demonstrates Property Sheet Support"

"Property Sheet and Property Page articles"


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