Re: Dynamically Add/Remove Page from PropertySheet

"Tom Serface" <>
Mon, 3 Jul 2006 10:48:06 -0700
This ought to work OK. Are you sure you are not deleting something that the
page needs that was dynamically allocated? The only restriction I know in
property pages is that there needs to be at least one during the DoModal()
loop at all times. Also, remember that the CPropertyPage object is not
destroyed during the life of the property sheet so that may be causing you
some grief.


".rhavin grobert" <> wrote in message

I have a little Problem and look for advise...

Lets say i have 2 pages in my sheet, defined as m_Page1 and m_Page2.

in the ctor of my PropertySheet i add the first page with
AddPage(&m_Page1) and everything is fine. If i add m_Page2 it works,
too, but that's not what i want.

what i want is to dynamicall add/remove my 2nd page, and that is where
the trouble starts:

after adding page2 everything is fine and i can use its content, after
removing it by RemovePage() the TabControl switches back to the 1st
page and still everything runs as expected. But when i now add the 2nd
page again, i get an assertion fault as soon as i click on it. Because
i've read some hint about using SetActivePage() i also tried to set the
active page after added m_Page2, but that gave me an imediate assertion
fault. The simple adding of the Page seems to work, but the activation
_after_ adding, then removing, then adding seems to crash.

Can anyone tell me what i have to do?

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