Re: problem with hiding/showing the dialog

David Wilkinson <>
Fri, 18 Aug 2006 05:49:23 -0400
<OlopQuqwGHA.324@TK2MSFTNGP06.phx.gbl> wrote:

This has already been tried. I want the second dialog to be hidden when
the first one is displayed on clicking BACK..
this is what we have in OnNext
void CPrintWizardDlg::OnNext()

    CDecisionDialog decDlg;
this is what we have in OnBack
void CDecisionDialog::OnBack()

    CPrintWizardDlg prtWizDlg;

This creates a new instance of the first dialog .But i need the dialog
to be displayed with its previous contents i.e the count of images

please suggest what could be done ????


Obviously, you just want to re-show the original firdt dialog, not
create a new one.

Have you really tried exactly what AliR suggested? And the in second dialog

void CDecisionDialog::OnBack()

Or do you want the second dialog to preserve state also? In that case
maybe it should be modeless.

As AliR suggested, using CPropertySheet/CPropertyPage in Wizard mode
might be a better idea.

David Wilkinson

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