Re: Wizard property sheet questions

"Tom Serface" <>
Tue, 26 Jun 2007 08:20:17 -0700
Hi Rob,

You could just call:

 pSheet->SetWizardButtons( PSWIZB_BACK | PSWIZB_FINISH );

if you don't need to actually change the text.

You could try calling GetDlgItem(ID_WIZNEXT) to get the window for the Next
button. Then you could get or set the text on the button.


"Rob" <> wrote in message

Is there any way to show the Finish button and hide only the Next button?
want to leave the Back button showing, but CPropertySheet::SetFinishText()
hides the Back button as well as the Next button.

Also, how do I get access to the 'Next' button so that I can get its text?
(My wizard, implemented in the bootstrap program of an installer, is
to be the first few pages of the installer wizard. The install that gets
launched after the last page of the portion in code is meant to carry on
wizard where the bootstrap left off, so it would make sense for the text
the 'Finish' button to be the same as on the 'Next' button to keep the
illusion intact.)

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