Re: exporting some baseclasses derived from mfc-classes

"Sheng Jiang[MVP]" <>
Mon, 27 Aug 2007 12:33:47 -0500
If you want to create source files based on class templates in your
executable project, write a Visual Studio extension. But it seems you are
trying to export your base classes from a DLL class library?
Sheng Jiang
Microsoft MVP in VC++
".rhavin grobert" <> wrote in message

due to the fact that importing a dll at loadtime doesnt satisfy me, i
need a different approach. that raises some questions i'd like to have
answered; or at least someone kicking me to some sources/tutorials
dealing with my problem...

what i want to have in the end is the following:

a dll that i can load dynamically and that exports some mfc-classes
that i can use as baseclasses. For example, the dll should export a
class CDialogDerived that can be used in my apps.

my problem that i'd like to overload some but not all functions of the
following classes:

CDialog, CPropertySheet, CButton, CListCtrl, CTabCtrl, CListBox,
CComboBox, CStatic, CEdit, CDateTimeCtrl (in other words, i want ot
overload windows *g*)

for example, i overloaded "DoModal" in dll of CDialogDerived and got
the following error:

warning LNK4022: cannot find unique match for symbol "DoModal"
warning LNK4002: "public: virtual int __thiscall
CDialog::DoModal(void)" (?DoModal@CDialog@@UAEHXZ) defined in
[ error-list is actually longer...]

my problem seems to be namemangling, because i want to have the
ability to use the classes like they where 'added to the project'. But
most of the classes have functionsnames that have be the same, for
example they all have a "Create()" function.

so how could it be done? is it possible? and what would be the correct
approach to do it?

thx in advance for thoughts and urls, .rhavin;)

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