Re: How to flush values in editable CListCtrl

"Sheng Jiang[MVP]" <>
Wed, 24 Oct 2007 12:40:00 -0500
The parent of your pages is the propertysheet.
derive a propertysheet class from CPropertySheet and add getter/setter
methods to your data in your propertysheet class (you can store data as
members of your pages or of the propertysheet, you choose).
When you need to get/set the data in your pages, call GetParent to retrieve
the pointer of your propertysheet object.

Sheng Jiang
Microsoft MVP in VC++
<> wrote in message

I have two checkboxes. When I check the first one, a page containing
an editable CListCtrl will be loaded. After I modify some value there,
I check the second checkbox which will load second page also
containing an editable CListCtrl.

Before I moved from the first page to second page, I modified some
values in its CListCtrl and I don't have a choice to click Apply. When
I came back to first page, the modified values are gone.

I would like to flush the values in the CListCtrl in the first page
before the second page gets loaded. However I couldn't find a way to
do that. Is there something like UpdateData which we use for the

Thanks very much in advance!


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