Re: Change Property Sheet Size?

"Tom Serface" <>
Wed, 14 Jan 2009 16:01:32 -0800
This article is a little dated (for VC6), but not much has changed in this
area since then so I think it should still work:


"rockdale" <> wrote in message

Hi, all:

My MFC application is Dialog based and I need to adjust the dialog
size based on user's screen resolution. (which works fine). I have a
property sheet with 2 property pages on my dialog. I tried to adjust
the property sheet size when the dialog size adjusted, basically just
expand the property sheet to occupy the whole dialog, but I could not
have it done. Following is my code:

CMyPage1, CMyPage2 are classes derived from CPropertyPage

CPropertySheet* m_pMainTabs;
CPropertyPage* m_pMyPage1;
CPropertyPage* m_pMyPage2;

 BOOL CMyDlg::OnInitDialog()
//resize window to maximum screen size
CSize screenSize; = ::GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXSCREEN); = ::GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYSCREEN);

       //create property sheet and pages
       m_pMyPage1 = new CMyPage1();
m_pMyPage2 = new CMyPage2();

m_pMainTabs = new CPropertySheet;

//Resize PropertySheet before add pages
CRect rcDlg, rcSheet;
ScreenToClient( &rcDlg );

m_pMainTabs->SetWindowPos( NULL, rcDlg.left,, rcDlg.Width()
+100, rcDlg.Height()+100,


m_pMainTabs->Create(this, WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE);
m_pMainTabs->ModifyStyleEx (0, WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT);
m_pMainTabs->ModifyStyle( 0, WS_TABSTOP );


thanks in advance

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