Re: Help on property sheet.

"AliR" <AliR@online.nospam>
Thu, 25 Jun 2009 09:29:06 -0500
That's probably because your second project has help enabled, where as your
first project didn't have help.

Anyway, you can hide the button in two ways:
In your CPropertySheet derived class's OnInitDialog call

Or in the constructor of you CPropertySheet derived class remove the
PSH_HASHELP from the sheet and PSP_HASHELP from every page.

Call this method from your CPropertySheet dervied class constructor
void CMyPropertySheet::RemoveHelp()
    m_psh.dwFlasgs &= ~PSH_HASHELP;
    m_Page1.m_psp.dwFlags &= ~PSP_HASHELP;
    m_Page2.m_psp.dwFlags &= ~PSP_HASHELP;
    m_Page3.m_psp.dwFlags &= ~PSP_HASHELP;


"TonyG" <> wrote in message

I implemented a property sheet with three pages. It is in one of my
programs. The property sheet is displayed with two buttons, OK and Cancel.
This is the way I want it. It is great.

I copied the property sheet dialog resources and the source code to a
different program. In this program there are three buttons displayed, OK,
Cancel and Help.

The code is identical.

Why is there a difference. How do I get rid of the help button?

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