Re: copy bitmap to windows clipboard

"xrxst32" <>
24 Apr 2006 22:57:51 -0700
hi jana,

your problem is not that your clipboard functions are not working, the
loading of the bitmap fails - you would have recognized that if you
implemented a proper error handling.

by replacing the LoadBitmap() [i'm not using this function unless i
load a "standard" bitmap from the resource] with a call of the function
LoadImage(). see the code as follows:

    HBITMAP hBmp = (HBITMAP)::LoadImage(NULL, "C:\\test.bmp",
    if (hBmp == NULL)
        // bitmap konnte nicht geladen werden

    if (!::OpenClipboard(NULL))
        // clipboard konnte nicht ge=F6ffnet werden

    if (!::EmptyClipboard())
        // EmptyClipboard() fehlgeschlagen

    if (::SetClipboardData(CF_BITMAP, hBmp) == NULL)
        // SetClipboardData() fehlgeschlagen


never expect to go anything smooth, always expect the functions to fail
on whatever reason (so you may get a robust application without it to
crash every now and than) - e.g. the Clipboard may just be locked from
another process so you can't access it currently.

have a nice day,

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