RE: Vista Aero

=?Utf-8?B?Sm9obg==?= <>
Tue, 8 Jul 2008 18:20:01 -0700
Hi, David
below is a snippet of my code.about drawing scrollbar.
note: it can be displayed normally unless Aero in vista is enabled.
thanks once again and hope response.

//// a snippet of my code
void CMyScrollBar::OnPaint()
      CPaintDC dc(this);
      // draw scrollbar when receive the on_paint message
//// draw scrollbar
void CMyScrollBar::DrawScrollBarDC(CDC *pDC)
      CRect clientRect;
      CDC memDC;
      CBitmap tempBmp,*oldBmp;
      if(clientRect.Width()<=0) return;

      oldBmp = memDC.SelectObject(&tempBmp);
      // draw the scrollbar image
      if(m_bReDraw) DrawScrollBar(&memDC);

      // i had copied the memDC to clipboard from here
      // and then paste to word document, the image is right
      // so why bitBlt can't blit the image normally?
      // dw is 0 anyway
      DWORD dw = GetLastError();

"John" wrote:

hi guys,
i developed a app using vs2005 and mfc8.0,
but meet various questions in vista when Aero is enabled.
for example: the background display desktop 's after switch,
some controls cant display normally, and so on.
what should i notice when using mfc in vista
thanks in advance

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