Re: Clipboard viewer locks on reboot

Alexander <>
Fri, 5 Dec 2008 17:39:05 -0800 (PST)
On Dec 6, 9:12 am, "Alec S." <nos...@> wrote:

Alexander wrote:

I have succesfully implemented a clipboard viewer. I have followed the
documentation to the letter as well as checked the code against
samples in the CP and the source code for Synergy. The viewer works

The problem comes on boot. The clipboard viewer is set to
auromatically start with Windows (it lives in the System Tray).
However, after booting, it fails to work. Moreover, it locks the
clipboard itself and makes it useless until my clipboard viewer is

I'm confused; how does it work flawlessly if it locks the clipboard? Ho=

w do you

get it to work then? Does it work if you quit it then run it again? If so=

, then

you may want to examine what that first instance did that allowed the sec=

ond one

to run. For example, is it causing a service to start that isn't otherw=


running after a boot?

Alec S.

I said it works flawlessly until reboot. Then and only then, it locks
the clipboard. And yes, a restart of the program (after a reboot)
solves the problem.

Some condition I cannot detect is causing my clipboard viewer to fail
on reboot. It only makes sense to think that the problem happens in
the call to SetClipboardViewer (which in turn triggers the message
WM_DRAWCLIPBOARD). But it is all handled as follows:

void CMyDlg::OnDrawClipboard()

    // If there is a next clipboard viewer, pass the message on to it
    if ( m_hNextClipboardViewer != NULL )
        ::SendMessage( m_hNextClipboardViewer, WM_DRAWCLIPBOARD, 0, 0 );

    if ( m_bInspectClipboardViewer )

I'm calling SetClipboardViewer in the OnInitDialog handler. Could that
be the problem...

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