Re: Clipboard and Unicode

"David Ching" <>
Thu, 28 Jun 2007 21:52:18 -0700
"Hans-J. Ude" <> wrote in message

If I would copy a Unicode string to the clipboard and paste it to a
non-Unicode application, would it be displayed correctly? I assume
not. I'm asking this because I think of converting an existing program
to Unicode or just leave it as is.

When you copy the Unicode string to the clipboard, you specify the format is
CF_UNICODETEXT. Then when the non-Unicode app calls
GetClipboardData(CF_TEXT), because it wants to paste as Ansi text, then MSDN
says Windows will internally convert the Unicode text that's in the
clipboard to Ansi text, automatically. But only in NT/2000 and later.

I would just port your app to Unicode and see if it still works. On
Win2K/XP/Vista, it should be just fine.

On Win9x, you should probably copy both CF_TEXT and CF_UNICODETEXT to the
clipboard so both are available, regardless of whether the pasting app is
Unicode or not. (Although it is rare on Win9x to have a Unicode app, due to
Unicode not being natively supported... however, Unicode is supported with
an add-on library.

-- David

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