Re: Shift+Insert does not paste into edit control on CFormView derived view

"David Ching" <>
Thu, 20 Dec 2007 15:34:32 GMT
"Bogdan" <> wrote in message


I have an edit control on a form view. The problem is that pasting of
clipboard content does not seem to work with Shift+Insert key combo.
There is no problem with pasting when using context menu. If I test the
underlying dialog from IDE resource editor then Shift+Insert works fine.
The Shift+Insert combo also works fine with other dialogs in the app.

This problem can be easily illustrated by creating a simple SDI app with a
form view and then dropping an edit control onto the form.

Is this an expected behaviour?


Bogdan, I created a SDI app with a FormView and an EditBox in the formview
and got the same behavior - Shift+Insert did not paste into the edit box,
which had the focus. I fixed it by editing the accelerators using the
Resource Editor and removing the Shift+Insert accelerator. I think what is
happening is the accelerator gets the Shift+Insert first, which generates
the ID_EDIT_PASTE command, and the edit box has no idea what is your app's
ID_EDIT_PASTE command so it ignores it. Removing the accelerator causes the
Shift+Insert to be routed to the edit box normally, and it processes it

-- David

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