Re: Max size of CEdit ?

"Tom Serface" <>
Sun, 13 Apr 2008 16:24:38 -0700
In addition to what David has suggested, you could use a virtual clistctrl
to do a single column list of items and use code like this:

To copy the information from list control to the clipboard. You'd have to
get all selected lines and just add them in a loop. Since the list control
can be virtual you could have an unlimited number of lines (well nearly
unlimited that is).


"Richard" <> wrote in message

I am using a CEdit as a log transcript, repeatedly appending text to the
end using

   int len = m_pLogWindow->GetWindowTextLength();
   m_pLogWindow->SetSel(len, len);
   m_pLogWindow->SetSel(-1, 0);

It's worked fine so far. But suddenly no more text is being appended. The
current length returned by GetWindowTextLength() is 30000 and it doesn't
seem to get any larger.

Is there a hard maximum character length of the CEdit of 30000 ?

How can I get around this problem? I suppose it might be possible to start
removing text from the START of the CEdit before each append, but this
sounds a bit fiddly and may be a bit slow. Should I be using a different
control for this?

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