Re: EnterCriticalSection() is corrupting my heap

"Oleg Starodumov" <com-dot-debuginfo-at-oleg>
Fri, 26 May 2006 10:11:42 -0700

Well i think we have moved to some off-topic thing related to copy

Even if I dont use CAutoLock() class and manually call;


// My code here


Even in this case calling EnterCriticalSection() is actually corrupting another pointer in memory which has nothing to
do with m_cs. So any idea what are possible reasons because of which a heap could be corrupted like this.

Remember one of your previous statements:

    m_pCS = pCS; <= This assignement is not working correctly and after assignment m_pCS points to some garbage
memory location

Is it really true that, after the assignment, m_pCS points to "some garbage
memory location"? If it is true, the reason of the problem is _before_
EnterCriticalSection is called, and therefore EnterCriticalSection is only
a victim of some other problem (and that problem is _not_ related
to the contents of CRITICAL_SECTION structure, be it initialized or not).
And if so, could you please do the test (in the debugger) that I asked you to do
in the other branch of this discussion?


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