Re: Compiling a Data File as as a Resource

"Andrew A. Heinlein" <>
Fri, 30 Nov 2007 01:42:17 -0600
quick example of how to read it in from your app resource section via win32

HINSTANCE hInst = <whatever app instance handle is> or
<AfxGetResourceHandle() if mfc>

 HRSRC hRsrc = FindResource(hInst,MAKEINTRESOURCE(nIdResource),"whatever
your resource type is");
 HGLOBAL hGlob = LoadResource(hInst,hRsrc);
 int nSizeGlob = (int)SizeofResource(hInst,hRsrc);
 char* tmp = new char[nSizeGlob+1];
 LPVOID lp = LockResource(hGlob);

// do your work here with tmp

delete tmp;

"EMD1954" <> wrote in message

I have a very large file of data that I use for one of my applications.
It's format is currently space delimited but it can be an Excel file, a


file or just a text file. The lines are long and contain about 50 pieces


information (strings, integers, doubles and bools). There are over 2000

Right now I have to distribute this file with my application because I'm
reading and using the data from it and I've had people modify the file
(accidently or
on purpose) and then my application doesn't work properly. Is there a way
that I can make the data part of my EXE application? I know there are
"data" commands in Fortran and Basic - is there anything like that?

It would be even better if I could just compile it right into my


somehow. Can I include it as a Resource and "read" it somehow (like
formatted input)?

Right now, I just _tfopen_s() the file and:

while(bSearch && (
  _ftscanf_s(ifptr, _T("%s %s %s %s %f %f %....."), ............)!= EOF))


-- do what I need --
} /* while */


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