Custom Resource, XML problem

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Fri, 1 May 2009 10:28:11 -0700
Hello, I watched a video from " How To" series titled custom resources by
Mr.David Ching(Thank you Mr.Ching) and I tried to use it with a XML wrapping
class by Mr.Jerry Wang(Thank you Mr. Wang) which is available on CodeProject
 the problem that I have is when I tried to load a xml resource it copies
some extra characters to buffer that I have to manually remove before I can
used it in the class.
 this is the code:

    CXml xXml;
    LPCTSTR pcaResourceName;
    LPSTR pcaResourceContent;
    DWORD dwResourceSize;

    JWXml::CXmlNodePtr pxNode, pxProperty;
    JWXml::CXmlNodesPtr pxNodes, pxProperties;
//JWxml is namespace used by CXml
    CString xName, xValue;

    UINT i, uiChildCount, uiPropertyCount,k, uiID = 0;
    int uiValue;

    pcaResourceName = MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDR_XML_1);
    HRSRC hXML = FindResource(AfxGetResourceHandle(), pcaResourceName,
    HGLOBAL hMem = LoadResource(AfxGetResourceHandle(),hXML);
    pcaResourceContent = (LPSTR) LockResource(hMem);
//The output of this trace gives three extra character ??????
    dwResourceSize = SizeofResource(AfxGetResourceHandle(),hXML);

    LPSTR pcaXml = new char[(dwResourceSize*2) + 1];
//I doubled the size of buffer because Cxml accepts LPCTSTR so I have //to
convert it
    memcpy((void*)pcaXml , (void*)(pcaResourceContent + 3),dwResourceSize);
//When I copy at start point of pcaResourceContent the Cxml loading //fails
but when I start copying from pcaResourceConteent+3 it goes well //and CXml
succeeds in loading it.
    pcaXml[dwResourceSize*2] = '\0';

        delete[] pcaXml;

I don't know what are these three extra characters. In resource view there
is nothing at the beginning of resource. Dose anybody know what these 3
characters are and can they have different lengths(other than 3)


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