Re: Custom Resource, XML problem

=?Utf-8?B?RWxlY3Ryb25pYzc1?= <>
Fri, 1 May 2009 11:26:11 -0700
Thank you very much, you are right in memory view I got their code
"ef bb bf" for UTF-8
Thanks again
"sg" wrote:

It's presumably the three byte "byte order marker" used to designate the
character encoding at the start of xml files.

There are several utility classes at codeproject which can read an
external file with any BOM.

Electronic75 wrote:

Hello, I watched a video from " How To" series titled custom resources by
Mr.David Ching(Thank you Mr.Ching) and I tried to use it with a XML wrapping
class by Mr.Jerry Wang(Thank you Mr. Wang) which is available on CodeProject
 the problem that I have is when I tried to load a xml resource it copies
some extra characters to buffer that I have to manually remove before I can
used it in the class.
 this is the code:

    CXml xXml;
    LPCTSTR pcaResourceName;
    LPSTR pcaResourceContent;
    DWORD dwResourceSize;

    JWXml::CXmlNodePtr pxNode, pxProperty;
    JWXml::CXmlNodesPtr pxNodes, pxProperties;
//JWxml is namespace used by CXml
    CString xName, xValue;

    UINT i, uiChildCount, uiPropertyCount,k, uiID = 0;
    int uiValue;

    pcaResourceName = MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDR_XML_1);
    HRSRC hXML = FindResource(AfxGetResourceHandle(), pcaResourceName,
    HGLOBAL hMem = LoadResource(AfxGetResourceHandle(),hXML);
    pcaResourceContent = (LPSTR) LockResource(hMem);
//The output of this trace gives three extra character ??????
    dwResourceSize = SizeofResource(AfxGetResourceHandle(),hXML);

    LPSTR pcaXml = new char[(dwResourceSize*2) + 1];
//I doubled the size of buffer because Cxml accepts LPCTSTR so I have //to
convert it
    memcpy((void*)pcaXml , (void*)(pcaResourceContent + 3),dwResourceSize);
//When I copy at start point of pcaResourceContent the Cxml loading //fails
but when I start copying from pcaResourceConteent+3 it goes well //and CXml
succeeds in loading it.
    pcaXml[dwResourceSize*2] = '\0';

        delete[] pcaXml;

I don't know what are these three extra characters. In resource view there
is nothing at the beginning of resource. Dose anybody know what these 3
characters are and can they have different lengths(other than 3)


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