Re: Displaying Information to the User (maybe HTML)

Stephen Myers <""StephenMyers\"">
Fri, 28 May 2010 09:26:30 -0500
JCO wrote:

Yeah I think I need more information. I created CHelpDlg class (derived
from CDialog) but could not put a RichEdit Control on it. It causes all
sorts of compile errors. Right now I have a regular CEdit set to handle
Multiple Lines, vertical & horz scrolls. This CEdit (ID =
IDC_EDIT_HISTORY) is as big as the CHelpDlg.

I don't know how to use the FindResource() & LoadResource() well enough
to make this work although I'm doing some reading on it now. The more I
read the more confusing it is so I'm not sure if I'm going down the
wrong path or not.

My way of adding the HistoryInfo.rtf file as a resource was to drag it
to the Resource Folder with in Visual Studio's Solution Explorer. When
I select the file History.rtf, the properties shows the relative path to
be: ".\HistoryInfo.rtf". If that makes it a resource, great, but I
just don't know how to connect the dots.

Hope this is not to confusing... but more help is needed.


"Stephen Myers" <""StephenMyers\""> wrote in
message news:uR8$cE1#KHA.420@TK2MSFTNGP02.phx.gbl...

JCO wrote:

Are there any choices if you don't want to distribute an htm file?

"Goran" <> wrote in message

On May 19, 9:02 pm, "JCO" <> wrote:

Using VS2008, MFC Dialog App

In my menu, I have a Help>Information.

I don't want to display the typical help (.chm file). I have a
simply .htm
file that I would like this menu to display. However, I don't want to
distribute the htm file. So here's my two Questions.

Question 1:
If I drag my Info.htm file onto the solution explorer it will
display with
the source files. Does this mean it gets compiled as part of the exe
(regardless of any code)?
Question 2:
Assuming that this is true, what would be the easiest way to call this
Info.htm using the menu Help>Information?

If you distribute HTML with your app, you can use ShellExecute to
launch HTML viewer (a browser). You might add resources of type "HTML"
to your exe resources with resource editor and launch browser using
protocol. Examples are not hard to find, and there has been a similar
discussion on that here, not long ago. You can also put WebBrowser
control of IE into your about dialog and display same HTML.


Try this:

1. Save help document as help.RTF.

2. Add help.rtf to your resources.

3. Use LoadResource() etc to get a pointer to the resource as a string.

4. Load it into a Rich Edit Control.

Sorry that there are a number of details missing.


The rtf file should show up as a resource in the resource view of the
project. If it does, take careful note of the name of the node it
appears in as well as whether there are quotes around the names.

In my case I have
TESTFIRE RTF "res\\procedure.rtf"

in the .rc file. This shows up in the Resource View as a type "RTF" and
the resource named "TESTFIRE".

I would then create a dialog and insert a Rich Edit Control in it. Make
sure that AfxInitRichEdit2() is called as part of the initialization.

Using the resource editor, add a CRichEditCtrl member, m_REControl (or
some such).

In the dialog's OnInitDialog, add the following.

HINSTANCE hInstance = AfxGetApp()->m_hInstance;
HRSRC hRsrcInfo = FindResource(hInstance,_T("TESTFIRE"),_T("RTF"));
if(hRsrcInfo == NULL){
    DWORD err = GetLastError();
    // Missing resource Procedure.rtf
    DWORD dwLen = SizeofResource(hInstance,hRsrcInfo);
    HGLOBAL hRsrc = LoadResource(hInstance,hRsrcInfo);
        DWORD err = GetLastError();
        // Unable to LoadResource resource Procedure.rtf
    // Be careful here. We're using ANSI so char * is appropriate. //
You will probably use TCHAR, and dwLen will need to be // divided by
sizeof TCHAR
        char *pText = (char *)LockResource(hRsrc);
        CString s(pText,dwLen);

CWinApp can probably be used to get to FindResource etc.


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