Re: Read Out TOC of a music CD

"Drew" <dam@dam.dam>
Mon, 7 Jan 2008 14:51:48 -0600
#include <ntddcdrm.h>


"Udo Goelz" <> wrote in message

Thank you for your help, but if I a pass IOCTL_CDROM_READ_TOC(_EX) or
IOCTL_CDROM_READ_TOC as 2nd Parameter to the function DeviceIoControl the
compiler complains, that IOCTL_CDROM_READ_TOC is undefined(error C2065).
The fuction I used to test looks like this:
    int OutBuffer[1024];
    DWORD numberBytesRec=0;
    HANDLE cdHandle;

   DeviceIoControl(cdHandle, // handle to device of interest
                               IOCTL_CDROM_READ_TOC, // control code
of operation to perform
                               NULL, // pointer to buffer to
supply input data
                               0, // size, in bytes, of input
                               &OutBuffer, // pointer to buffer
to receive output data
                               2048, // size, in bytes, of output
                               &numberBytesRec, // pointer to variable
to receive byte count
                               NULL // pointer to structure for
asynchronous operation);
Can anybody tell me, how to change it to get it working?
I use Vstudio 6.0 and Windows XP as OS.
Thanks in advance

"Alexander Grigoriev" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

That's pretty easy.


"Joseph M. Newcomer" <> wrote in message

There are several problems here. I don't think it is well-documented
how to do this, but
a number of open-source tools know how to do it; the downside here is
that they are
open-source under GPL, which causes you all kinds of problems if you
actually use them.
The usual workaround was to put the module in a separate DLL, and there
were several
workarounds the GPL with respect to this; for example, making the DLL a
download from your
Web site, and having a program that worked just fine (but feature-poor)
without the DLL.
Because you are willing to give away the source to your DLL (being the
open source code),
you are not involved in making the code "part" of your product. GPL3
apparently tries to
close that hole, thus defeating the real value of open source even more
thoroughly than
GPL2 (I'm not a fan of GPL because I consider it as actively defeating
code sharing).

Have you tried a google search? Not sure what terms I would use, but
the obvious ones
generate too many hits.
On Fri, 4 Jan 2008 16:30:59 +0100, "Udo Goelz" <> wrote:

Hello all,
does anybody know, how to read out the TOC of a CD with a C or C++
under windows.(Perhaps with MFC).
I don't aks for a tool to do this, because I want to use this TOC
information further on in an own software without copying the TOC from a
tool to this software.
Thanks in advance

Joseph M. Newcomer [MVP]
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