Re: OnAccept() in CAsyncSocket

Hector Santos <>
Sun, 11 Apr 2010 07:38:36 -0400
In sync mode, you need to switch to async using ioctlsocket() and use
the select() command using the correct parameters depending if you are
a server or client for the call you make:

    server --> accept()
    client --> connect()

so yo do:

    ioctlsock(); // switch to async mode
    accept() or connect() // these call return immediately
    select() // test for events

but you need to prepare select correctly, watch for the read parameter
  for server, write parameter for client.


Slackin wrote:

On 10 abr, 20:02, Slackin <> wrote:

I'm migrating of CAsyncSocket to socket API.
And I would like to know: How to replace the OnAccept method?

The code I have is the following:

/**SocketServer.h **/

        virtual void OnAccept( int nErrorCode );

void CSocketEscucha::OnAccept(int nErrorCode)
        if (nErrorCode == 0)


I know that:

socket API CAsyncSocket
---------------- ----------------------

Accept() CAsyncScoket::Accept()
Bind() CAsyncSocket::Bind()
Create() CAsyncSocket::Create()
??? CAsyncSocket::OnAccept()

but CAsyncSocket::OnAccept() == ?


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