Re: forcing an import

"Bruno van Dooren [MVP VC++]" <>
Tue, 23 Jan 2007 20:18:32 +0100

I am trying to force the linker to resolve a symbol for a global variable
as an import from a library. Its simple to do if I modify the declarion of
the global to include __declspec(dllimport) but I am trying to change the
library I am importing from as little as possible (it is built with a
different system which when building dlls by default exports all things
labeled extern without any extra directive). Right now I have hack whereby
I redefine extern to __declspec(dllimport) extern when including the header
containing the globals and the program links and runs fine but its nasty
and the compiler warns (harmlessly it seems) that I am ending up with
double declspecs in some c library headers the main header has included. Is
there someway I can tell the linker to resolve the symbol as an import
without modifying its declaration? Using a def file with an IMPORT section
seems likely but the linker tells me its not supported. I am using VC 8.

Contact the supplier of the library.
Because everything he marks as dllexport should also be marked dllimport for
extern by itself does not cut it.

Until that time, I would modify the header file directly, document why I did
it and put it in version control with my own sources.


Kind regards,
    Bruno van Dooren
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