Re: Converting Visual C++ 6.0 application to Unicode

"David Ching" <>
Fri, 09 Mar 2007 22:26:02 GMT
"Tom Serface" <> wrote in message

Great video David. Thanks again. I didn't like them calling MFC "sick",
but I'm glad they felt it could be healed :o)

LOL, yes, it did my heart good to hear they were investing in it again. I'm
glad they're finding C++ programmers are passionate about the language, and
the quote about universities starting to back off Java and going back to C++
just so students understand programming to the metal also set off
sympathetic vibrations in me. But still, the overriding reason they are
investing in MFC/C++ is because of the large ISV's with so many lines of
"legacy" code. They think if it were not for this, everyone would want to
do .NET just for the virtues of .NET. Here I somewhat take issue. Although
..NET is great on a number of levels, and I am appreciating it the more I use
it, they made it too much like VB, IMHO. MFC has the advantage of being
lower level for ultimate control and debugging transparency, and supports
much better encapsulation (not everything is dumped into the form), there is
a document/view framework, all sorely lacking in .NET. Even if no legacy
code existed, there would still be a lot of us here who would probably
choose MFC over .NET for a number of reasons.

However, apparently we are in the minority. There are so many
corporate/enterprise developers who don't face the same
deployment/performance issues as the ISV crowd that they force us into the

-- David

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