Re: More CChildFrame questions

"Tom Serface" <>
Fri, 22 Jun 2007 07:19:15 -0700
Hi GT,

I think any runtime data that has to do with how the view is displayed
should be part of the view. Perhaps the view variables can be initialzed
form the defaults in the document.

Any data that can be shared among views or that needs to persist when any of
the views goes away should be in the document since it is not really owned
by the view.

Of, course, all of this said, your main goal is to not lose the calculations
between views so using the document is a natural place to store the numbers.
Future views can simply fish the numbers back out of the document without


"GT" <> wrote in message

I have 6 views (charts) in my app. Each chart will be on the screen only
once and may be in a docking/floating pane, or a childframe. Each has a
large chunk of data which currently resides in the view class.

One of these charts is a resource loading chart view. This view can
'reside' in a childframe or can be in a docking pane, or can be turned
off. There is only ever one instance of the view, but it needs to
calculate loads of points on the chart before it can be drawn. There are
other settings on this chart, such as the scrollbar positions and the zoom
factor. At present I store all this data in the one class - my view class.
I now realise that this data should be moved to the document (for all to
see, thereby breaking encapsulation and making the code very untidy and
messy and hard to maintain!!). If I am moving the chart points to the
document, then I surely need to move all the other variables on the view
class, which will result in a view class with only methods and a document
full of variables from my 6 different dockable/floatable/tabbable views!
Very untidy and very unmanageable!

I think I will devise a 'state' class. I will have a state class for each
view and move the data into that state class. Perhaps the document can
'own' these state classes and pass a pointer to them to the views when
they are created. This will keep my document tidy and encapsulate the view
code in a viewState class. Does this sound reasonable?

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