RE: Problem with Base64 Decoding for a CBitmap

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Thu, 5 Jul 2007 15:34:01 -0700
Assuming _IconDATA contains monochrome, 25x25, WORD aligned pixel data after
the Base64Decode, this should be all you need (no DC necessary):

CBitmap _ICONBmp;
L = _ICONBmp.CreateBitmap (25,25,1,1,_IconDATA);
if (L)


Mark Salsbery
Microsoft MVP - Visual C++

"Skywalker" wrote:

Hello all,

I want to use the base64 data I captured from an xml file & build a
cBitmap out of it. I've tried a whole lot of stuff, but I'm not really
getting close.

I use Base64Decode () to capture the data, which returns TRUE. Hence,
The problem is building a CBitmap from that. I tried to use
SetBitmapBits, but that doesn't work properly. Could someone please
guide me as to how I should create the CBitmap. I am pasting the code
I used, but I'm very new to MFC, so please excuse me if I have made
any stupid errors.

CString pIcon = BICON; // BICON is a BSTR

int pSize = pIcon.GetLength ();

if (!pIcon.IsEmpty ()) {

            BYTE* _IconDATA = new BYTE [pSize];
            int dSize = pSize;
            BOOL L = Base64Decode (_bstr_t (pIcon), pSize, _IconDATA,
            // L returns TRUE here

            CDC dcMEM, pDC; // = NULL;
            int y = dcMEM.CreateCompatibleDC (&pDC);

            CBitmap _ICONBmp;
            dcMEM.SelectObject (&_ICONBmp);

            L = _ICONBmp.CreateBitmap (25,25,1,1,NULL);

            int val = _ICONBmp.SetBitmapBits (dSize,(LPVOID)

            pDC.BitBlt (0,0,25,25,&dcMEM,0,0, SRCCOPY); // An
Exception is thrown here..


I tried not using the CDC objects, but then, the images are blank.

Help Plzzzzzzzz.....

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