Re: Access violation error

David Wilkinson <>
Tue, 10 Jul 2007 04:16:59 -0500
karim wrote:

Hi Joseph ,
Thanks for your reply. The method E3Des takes "passwordToEncrypt" as input
and run some encryption algorithm and then store the result in encpwd8 and
encpwd16 parameters, during this process version number, which is in "i" gets
modified. thats why i passed i as int *.now i have provided input like

char *passwordToEncrypt = "080000151F6ECF67";
char encpwd8[1024] = "";
char encpwd16[1024] = "";
int i = 0605;

here i am getting output in encpwd16 and some garbage value in encpwd8 and
i=389 with a return value of zero(Actually 1= success, differnt 1 = bad)


Mihajlo Cvetanovic gave you the correct answer to this several days ago.
You have to provide a buffer with enough space for the encrypted

const char *passwordToEncrypt = "080000151F6ECF67";
char encpwd8[LARGE_ENOUGH_8];
char encpwd16[LARGE_ENOUGH_16];
int i = 0605;

int l = E3Des(passwordToEncrypt, encpwd8, encpwd16, &i);

Actually, because the prototype of your function is not const-correct
you must do:

int l = E3Des((char*)passwordToEncrypt, encpwd8, encpwd16, &i);

or supply an actual buffer for the input array:

char passwordToEncrypt[] = "080000151F6ECF67";

David Wilkinson
Visual C++ MVP

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