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"Scott McPhillips [MVP]" <org-dot-mvps-at-scottmcp>
Sun, 20 Jan 2008 11:28:11 -0500
"Newsgroupie" <> wrote in message


I create a worker thread(s) which will usually run until I tell it to
stop, which I do by signalling a CEvent object which the thread will
see and drop out of the thread function.

However, sometimes the thread my drop out early because it has
completed its tasks or an error has occurred.

When I create this thread I retain a copy of its handle so that after
I have set the stop event I can pass the handle to
WaitForMultipleObject (along with several other thread handles) and
wait for the thread to complete (as it may spend some time tidying a
few things up between it being told to stop and it actually

But when the thread finishes prematurely the handle is no longer valid
and so WaitForMultipleObject fails with a GetLastError of 6 (invalid

I always have the thread set to auto delete. The stop CEvent is not
deleted with the thread.

There are two approaches to doing this. The first is to turn off auto
delete when the thread starts. That keeps the handle valid even after the
thread has exited. The other approach is to use a message instead of the
handle. The last thing the thread would do before exiting is to post a
message to the main window.

Scott McPhillips [VC++ MVP]

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