Re: Event handler continues executing after its dialog is deleted

"Tom Serface" <>
Thu, 22 Oct 2009 10:28:18 -0700
I use GetSafeHwnd().


"Goran" <> wrote in message

+1 for Joe, -1 for Setharam.

IsWindow is a horrible function, and I know of __no__ situation where
it's use outside debugging code (e.g. ASSERT) is not a design error,
__especially__ in the context of MFC. (Well, perhaps IsWindow is
interesting for some things OS might want to do, but not for
application code).

In MFC, if one wants to know whether there's a window or not, one uses
a reference/pointer to a CWnd and CWnd::operator HWND. ( Prove me
wrong, anyone ;-) ).

Also... IsWindow might return true, but HWND passed to it isn't what
code thinks it is!

Situation you have on your hands is IMO not that common. There's a non-
modal message loop within a message handler of a modeless dialog, (I
guess) - that's unusual, and not a good idea. It is also likely that
you could use MFC command update mechanics to update the state of your
combobox, but that's an idea from a far...


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