Re: WaitForMultipleObjects() Question

"Alexander Grigoriev" <>
Fri, 6 Nov 2009 06:59:22 -0800
Make sure you create events with appropriate auto-reset property. For your
purposes, you most likely want AutoReset=TRUE.

"Ron H" <> wrote in message

I have an app with several worker threads that deal with external hardware.
Each thread has several independent tasks that are triggered by an array of
events. I use CreateEvent() to define the events
withWaitForMultipleObjects() being the gate keeper. And of course event 0
is the shutdown task. At various points in the execution of the program, I
use SetEvent() to signal that I need one of the tasks to run. This is
pretty much straight out of Joe Newcomer's essays and it generally works
well. Once in a while an event is never acted upon and I believe that it is
because the thread gets bogged down and takes too long to complete a
task... ( just a guess)

Question: What is the life of an event? Is there a life timeout for a
signaled event? Is there a Queue for signaled events and if so how deep is

Is there something I missed ( of course there is, but be gentle!)

Ron H.

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